2021 Pianism Remix EP

Tim Reaper, Ron Wells, Law & Wheeler and Justice

Full Run Black vinyl copies and a very limited edition 100 exclusive Buy Now White Vinyl numbered copies with bright white vinyl. Also come with the limited edition stickers and collectors card.

The Pianism EP was originally produced by Rob Haigh in 1993 under the alias ‘Splice’ on PM Recordings (Parliament Music) PMT 015 - Pianism E.P (Enter The Light). This original vinyl cut in 1993 had seven original piano breaks, as Rob described these were meant to be for DJ use. Strangely no one ever sampled these and made a new tune !? (Or at least we can’t find one!). Last year in 2020 we remixed these 3 tunes and added one unreleased tune with Syko and Rob on BSBR003 as VOL.1.  We then decided this year to invite four artists and give them the sample parts, and let them loose on producing/remixing one of the 3 pianism tracks. These new tracks would become Pianism Remix EP Vol.2. We did not let any of the chosen artists know the BPM’s or who was working on what track, or give them any guidance. Swapping the piano riff into a baseline for example would also be ok, we just wanted to let this naturally evolve into this EP, and see what each artist’s interpretation of this classic EP would be. Massive respect and thanks to Rob Haigh for allowing us to remix this classic EP from 93. Big ups for supporting our label and we hope you enjoy the remixes by Tim Reaper, Ron Wells, Law & Wheeler and Justice.

Wow this 12" weighs heavily with history and pioneers. Firstly, this is Robert Haigh, the man of Omni Trio fame. Game changer. Secondly, these are two fantastic cuts from his time as Splice, an alias from the halcyon rave days where everything began to accelerate. Thirdly, all remixes deliver and let's look at the calibre of the artists behind them. Three of the biggest contemporary champions of modern authentic jungle, Tim Reaper and Law & Wheeler. And two of the highest grade donnie originators - Ron Jack Smooth Wells and Tony Justice. This is an exceptional celebration of jungle past, present and future. Juno Records

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