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Full run Black vinyl copies and a very limited edition 100 exclusive Buy Now Japanese OBI Strip copies with translucent blue vinyl. Also come with the limited edition Large Japanese Blueskinbadger 'Tanuki' Records Sticker.

“ Celebrating the Old Skool and the New, this EP will take you on a journey through time; revisiting some of the origins of drum and bass. We start by breathing new life into original tracks from the “DJ Syko - Be Alright EP Candidate Records (CAT004)”; re-mastering and re-engineering these 1994 classics. On the flip side “Playing with Fire” is a fresh new track; showcasing my direction for 2021. Like most artists from back in the day, I was heavily influenced by the 80s hip hop and breakbeat culture. DJs like Grandmaster Flash, Kool Herc, Marley Marl and many others showed us what we could do with the best “breaks” from old forgotten music. Hip Hop DJs and those influenced by that scene here in the UK became the first drum and bass artists. “Take a Break” revisits the Hip Hop & Breakbeat culture that inspired me back then to make music and still inspires me today. Something for the Original BBoy ” SYKO ”

'Tanuki' The Japanese name for the raccoon-dog, Nyctereuctes procyonoides. In folklore the animal is credited with supernatural powers, including shapeshifting, and most notably of expanding its already very large scrotum to use as a drum or a weapon. Tanuki statues are a popular part of Japanese kitsch, portraying a jolly, plump little anthropomorphization of the creature, usually with a straw hat, a bottle of sake, and a promissory note or Passbook (Tsū 通 or Okayoi). Symbolizes sincerity, honesty, and truthfulness, and of course his big wrinkly testicles dragging on the ground between his feet!

From old to new, Simon McCutchen returns to Blueskin Badger with a well-balanced journey through time. Side-A zips us back to some of the earliest incarnations of Syko with two turbo-charged choppage jams from his 'Be Alright' EP while side-B brings us up to speed as we struts his 2021 stuff. Still raw to the core and loaded with soul-rattling breaks but clearly inspired by hip-hop with its sirens and hype feels 'Ruffage 2 The System' while 'Take A Break' is a straight up funk odyssey loaded with a smorgasbord of classic and cult samples. DJ's delight - Juno Records

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