1307 EP

Syko & Mak

Full Run Black Vinyl Double EP

Those early Syko & Mak EPs were just the beginning. Each EP had a story, a memory that takes me back to the birth of hardcore and the jungle movement; euphoric emotions flooding back every time I hear them tracks again. This double EP is a recognition of the Syko & Mak era and those who used to come to the shops just to hang out and listen to the latest white labels. It includes remasters of 3 of those original tracks as well as 5 previously unreleased tracks from 95/96. The 3 original tracks on this EP spark some of those best memories. Including hearing Grooverider play the first test press of "Here & Now" at Donnington Park. Standing at the back and watching the 28,000 crowd lose their heads to our track was unforgettable ! Trading DATs with LTJ Bukem. He'd travel up to Hitchin on a Sunday just to share music, "Journey into the Nebulous" was the first track we gave him. We came up with the title "Journey into the Nebulous" after meeting DJ Hype at a rave somewhere in Essex. I remember having a deep and meaningful conversation with him about being at the centre of a "Nebulous". I think we were both smashed. The first play of "Rough & Dangerous"... There was a huge illegal rave movement called Exodus back in the day and every weekend we would drive to a warehouse, factory unit and even open woodland in search of a party. Our mission was to get our music into the hands of as many DJs as possible. We managed to get a TP of Rough & Dangerous into the hands of one of the Exodus DJs and when it dropped, I just remember the place went f@ckin' mental!!

Credit and thanks to: Dave Nodz and Suburban Base for the acid smiley head muscle man used on the origonal PM flyer and Sleeve.

Credit and thanks to: MRP & Mik-Sir for the Logo and label layouts from BITD


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